1. Act I
    1. Chapter I
      1. Aria wakes up in a lab and is greeted by Dr. Emma Wolfe
        1. During this time, Aria is told that her family died in a car wreck and that her name is actually Candice Violet
      2. Dr. Wolfe leaves room to get Aria some water
      3. Aria overhears Dr. Wolfe telling another scientist that "Subject AGB must be terminated before the amnesia dissipates"
        1. Aria chooses to ignore the statement since she doesn't know who or what Subject AGB is
      4. Aria falls asleep on her bed
      5. An hour later, alarms begin to go off and Dr. Wolfe rushes into the room
        1. Dr. Wolfe ignores Aria's questions, saying that there's no time to explain what's going on
      6. Dr. Wolfe grabs Aria by both arms and begins dragging her down the red-light-lit halls of the labs
      7. After two minutes, Dr. Wolfe and Aria reach—unbeknownst to Aria—a euthanization room
        1. They enter the room
        2. Dr. Wolfe grabs an oxygen container filled with hydrogen cyanide and gives it to Aria, saying that it'll ease her anxiety
        3. Before Aria can breathe it in to the point of death, the lights go out
    2. Chapter II
      1. While the room is black, Magnus Cater flips off the hydrogen cyanide container and maims Dr. Wolfe to the point of near death
      2. Once the flicker back on, Aria sees Magnus and almost screams
        1. Magnus shushes Aria and tells her to come with him
      3. Magnus and Aria rush outside, Magnus attacking any scientists who dare stand in their way
      4. Once outside, Aria and Magnus see a group of teenagers (later revealed to be the Everythings)
        1. Anton flips his laptop closed and greets Aria, saying that she owes her life to his tech-savvy-ness
          1. Amy brashly snaps at Anton, telling him to quit being so vain
      5. Aria, confused out of her mind, asks everyone what the hell is going on
        1. Jessica explains that Aria had been kidnapped by a group of scientists that apparently have been hunting the group for a very long time
          1. The reason why is unknown, but the group knows the scientists are merciless and will stop at nothing to capture them alive
      6. Magnus tells everyone that they probably should leave "before all hell breaks loose", so they do
    3. Chapter III