At the beginning of the documentary—after the screen fades in from black—Zedd walks up to a piano. He adjusts the bench slightly, then he sits down and prepares to play. Just before he begins to play the first notes of a song, a voice-over says, "And the GRAMMY goes to..." Then Zedd starts to play the piano and the voice finishes its sentence: "...Zedd featuring Foxes."

The screen cuts to footage of the 56th GRAMMY Awards, where a group of people are congratulating the two on their win. Zedd continues to play the piano as the initial credits roll and the footage shows him and Foxes walking up to claim their award, and he states the following:

A big part of why this tour was possible was my album. I decided to take the time off and disappear for a little while, go back and tell the story. It was pretty scary, but it ended up being really my career. Electronic music is as big as could be in America, and this was my moment of clarity.

The music then transitions to an instrumental version of "Stay the Night", and text and images fade onto the screen. The text tells how, in 2013, Zedd embarked on his first headline tour of the United States, covering thirty-four cities before ending in Los Angeles at the Shrine Auditorium.

As Zedd is shown walking through a series of halls, he says that the tour was "life-changing" and that it opened up a "whole new world" for him. Then the screen cuts to footage of his shows.