#IDK what the heck this is lel
yes = set(['yes', 'y'])
no = set(['no', 'n'])
invalid = set(['', ' '])
like = input("Name a musician you really, really just love.")
print("Oh, so you like " + like + "? Cool!")
do_not_like = input("Now, name a musician you just don't like at all.")
print("So you don't like " + do_not_like + ", eh? Good to know.")
final_answer = raw_input("Out of curiosity now, do you think " + like + " is better than " + do_not_like + '? (Please type in either "yes" or "no".)').lower()
if final_answer in yes:
  print("Typical fan.")
if final_answer in no:
  print("How interesting. You must not be that selective.")
if final_answer in invalid:
  print("You did not type in a valid answer.")