The Zedd True Colors Experiences were a series of ten interactive events designed to showcase songs from Zedd's second studio album, True Colors. They were held from 19 March 2015 (beginning with "Addicted to a Memory") to 18 May 2015 (ending with "True Colors").


On March 13, 2015, Zedd posted a fifteen-second animated video clip with the URL for, True Colors' website.[1] At the time, the website's main page was blank, save for a countdown near the bottom left corner. A Twitter account, @ZEDDTrueColors, was also set up the same day.

Event 1 - "Addicted to a Memory"Edit

Five days later, at noon, Zedd posted on his Facebook: "When the countdown ends on, get moving - 50 people in Austin will get to attend a very special event..."[2] The end result (for the fifty winners, after they took six selfies with Zedd logos throughout the city) was the first Experience, which took place in Longhorn Cavern State Park.

To get to the caverns, the winners were driven via private vehicles; during the ride, they also received a video message from Zedd:

What's up, guys? There's something very, very special planned for you guys tonight, so I promise it was worth it. I can't wait for you guys to see what's next.