That's what the locals called the old manor that stood like a haunted house a few miles away from the spot of the All Hallow's Eve Gathering (our annual city Halloween festival).

According to translators, "ténèbres" is French for "darkness"; as to why that's what the manor was called, I had no clue whatsoever. (But if the city council hated it so much, couldn't they have just moved the location of the festival to somewhere less haunting? Like, seriously.)

Honestly, I wasn't entirely convinced that the manor was haunted; like, even the story behind it sounded like just another one of those cheesy campfire tales.

I mean it...

One fateful night in Texas, five rebellious teens decided to sneak out of their homes past curfew and pull a prank on the inhabitants of a randomly-selected house. Little did they know that this would lead to their deaths...

Yasmin, their leader, came up with the idea of throwing water balloons at an old manor. The manor appeared to be deserted, and nobody ever dared walk up to it...until now, that is. So the five loaded up on store-bought balloons and tiny water bottles, then they headed off to the manor.

When they got there, Yasmin insisted on being the one to take the first shot; nobody wanted to argue with her (since she had a reputation for being incredibly persistent and sassy), so they let her grab a nice, large, water-filled balloon...and chuck it at the nearest window.

Two problems: The window was open, and the manor wasn't deserted at all.

Within seconds, furious screaming could be heard coming from inside the house. The group tried to run away...but before they could escape, there was a gunshot, and Yasmin tripped and fell to the ground.

The other four met a similar fate—they were shot in the legs and carried into the manor.

And a week later, the lifeless bodies of the five were found lying outside in the autumn cold, rotting away into the dirt.

They say that, every night, the screams of the five's souls can still be heard calling from the manor for someone to liberate them...but none of them scream louder than Yasmin.

For the longest time, I'd assumed it to be nothing but an urban legend. There's no such thing as ghosts, right?

Boy, I was wrong.

Just...not in the way you might think.