Seven big continents on an even bigger Earth...
Then came the Third World War,

And seven became none.

Bloodshed, fire, massacre, separation;
Friend turned on friend,

Sibling turned on sibling,
Humanity turned on itself.

The soil blackened from the bombs,

The water became deadly acidic because of the chemicals,
The atmosphere became borderline unbreathable,
And billions died within a matter of years.

Alessa knew all too well what the end was like.

But she was not a coward.
She'd already survived seven years of this heck.
She was determined to live seven more if she had to.
And she stayed determined.

That is, until one fateful day,

She grabbed a bucket
Of warm, poisonous river water...
And in a matter of seconds,
She gulped it down
And it was all over.